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Samuel F Robinson

Holistic Business Advisory from Ai to Zebra


Our Mission

To empower tech-enabled businesses to increase their visibility and profitability by utilizing insightful recommendations, engaging stories, and structured solutions to build more joyful homes.

So What?

Better Business, Better Life


Personalized Advisor

Advice that is based on Evergreen sound biblical principles and current AI systems and services tailored to meet your needs and wants to scale your business to massive growth. You are the Power Mover

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Hybrid Group Advisor

Access to a small group of working professionals building infrastructure to grow their businesses both online and brick and mortar

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Comprehensive Business Review

Synchronization Solutions' Initial Onboarding ensures clarity and consistency through time-tested Biblical and Evergreen Principles, minimizing recurring mistakes and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

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Done With You As A Group

We understand that you’re busy and that having a few minutes to gather information that can change the trajectory of your business is crucial. The Growth Accelerator is a small group that covers a different topic every 28-day cycle through four 15-minute bite-size sessions in a quarterly project. Enjoy collaborations with other business owners in a non sales environment.

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A Place To Record Video and Photos

Access to my home studio to record your videos and capture photographs.

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"Get AI Keys" for AI Insight And Reviews

Get key insights on how to navigate with certain applications based on AI informal setting for a nominal monthly subscription.

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Embracing AI Lifestyle

Whether your stationary or on the go enjoy interviews and reviews of systems and services surrounding AI in every day, life and business.

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Join the bouncebackability challenge

Evolve during a five day challenge to elevate your business in a collaborative environment

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Book A Free Meet and Greet Strategy Session

Unlock your potential in a tailored strategy session designed to reveal if our synergy can transform your ambitions into achievements.

About Samuel F. Robinson

Embark on a leadership odyssey with Samuel F. Robinson, whose 20-year span across nonprofits, hospitality, construction, and healthcare has marked him as a transformative figure. Merging business savvy with technological innovation and ethical grounding, Samuel's reach extends to over 100 global companies, his skills ranging from IT to life insurance since 2015.

At the vanguard of the digital age, he is both a business and cyber defense linchpin. His exceptional organizing abilities and result-driven mindset foster corporate expansion through stringent standards and processes. Samuel masterfully creates cohesive team environments in a vibrant workplace.

As an eloquent communicator, he fosters enduring relationships and simplifies intricate tech concepts. With a taste for gourmet food, a flair for video production, and a love for action-packed travels and movies, Samuel is a multifaceted mentor at the helm of progress.

Why Work With

Samuel F. Robinson

A working professional, coach, public speaker, minister, or business owner seeking to attract more leads and build a profitable online community should consider working with Samuel as their business advisor for several compelling reasons:

10. AI-Driven Lead Generation and Marketing

Samuel's expertise in utilizing AI disciplines and generative intelligence can significantly optimize sales and marketing efforts. By leveraging advanced technology, Samuel can help clients double their sales and marketing efforts, ensuring they reach the right audience and generate quality leads.

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09. Access to a Vast Database of Business Contacts

With Samuel's services, clients gain access to over 6,000 verified business contacts in his phone, which can be invaluable for networking and expanding their reach.

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08. Strategic Planning for Online Community Success

Understands the importance of meticulous planning and strategic execution for a successful online community launch. He can guide clients through defining the community's purpose, mission, and target audience, ensuring that the community provides value and solves a specific problem for its members

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07. Enhanced Customer Relationship Management

Samuel's approach includes fostering relationships and establishing credibility, which are crucial for business growth. By organizing events and engaging members from the start, he can help build a strong community spirit.

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06. Proven Financial Results and ROI

Has a track record of helping clients achieve significant financial results, such as making $17,000 within a month, and his AI-powered training delivers a 50% ROI.

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05. Focus on Transformation and Long-Term Impact

Emphasizes transformation over information, ensuring that the changes he helps implement in his clients' businesses have a long-term impact on their future, relationships, and overall well-being.

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04. Passion for Helping People

Samuel's passion for positively impacting the lives of his clients makes his coaching a fulfilling and rewarding experience for both parties.

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03. Comprehensive Range of Expertise

Samuel Associates offers a wide range of services, including Strategic Advisory, Government Relations, Integrated Digital Marketing, and CRM integrations, providing clients with comprehensive expertise to support their goals.

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02. Success Across Various Industries

Has a track record of helping businesses succeed in diverse sectors, demonstrating their ability to drive growth and seize opportunities for their clients.

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01. Comprehensive Support Without Hidden Costs

Believes in providing full support to his clients, including setup, training, and support within the scope of work.

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In summary, working with Samuel as a business advisor offers a blend of AI-driven efficiency, strategic planning, comprehensive support, and a proven track record of success, making it an attractive proposition for anyone looking to grow their online presence and community.

We Offer Subscription Services To Grow Your Business

Become part of our community today and kick-start your business evolution with a complimentary advisory session!

Starter Offer

Level 1 - Establish: Growth Accelerator

Business owners and entrepreneurs turn to Samuel F. Robinson for guidance and mentoring. My Team and I provide advice on various aspects of business ownership, including brand reach, marketing strategies, customer journey, and work-life balance. You get four 15 minutes group sessions per month designed to develop personal sales. We are affiliated with various vendors and may earn a commission.

For business owners creating personal momentum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Differences Between a Coach, an Advisor, a Consultant, and a Mentor to a Working Professional?

Regarding working professionals seeking guidance and support, several roles can assist: coach, advisor, consultant, and mentor. While there may be some overlap in their functions, each role has distinct characteristics and approaches. While there may be some overlap in their functions, coaches primarily focus on personal and professional growth, advisors provide specific expertise and recommendations, consultants offer problem-solving services, and mentors provide long-term guidance and support based on their experiences. Each role has its own unique approach and can be valuable to working professionals depending on their specific needs and goals.

Is Samuel F. Robinson a Advisor?

Yes, Samuel is an Advisor, who provides specific expertise, experience, or connections to help individuals in a particular way. They offer recommendations and advice based on their knowledge and understanding of a specific field or industry. Unlike coaches, advisors often have a more targeted and specialized approach, acting as a sharpshooter to address specific needs or challenges. The client advisor relationship is structured as a subscription-based model for Business growth strategies in South Florida.

How can you become subscriber and benefit from all of Samuel and his mentors' experience?

Everything starts with a meeting. Schedule a meeting at We are optimizing business operations with technology as our focus to scaling your small business in South Florida.

Who can benefit from Samuel's Business Advisory subscription?

A solopreneur or small business professional in South Florida actively seeking to grow and streamline their operations. They value personalized advice tailored to their unique challenges and are likely in the process of scaling their business or optimizing their financial and marketing strategies. They may feel overwhelmed by the complexities of financial planning, information technology, and marketing systems, and are looking for a trusted advisor to guide them through the process.

Can I have multiple subscriptions?

Yes, you can have multiple subscriptions. A healthy timeframe to realize success is approximately 120 days. Subscriptions are not contractual. You are encouraged to work with us for at least 90 days. The scaling power mover subscription encompasses all the subscriptions combined.

Is your advice based on religion?

No, we are a faith-based organization, but we are not religious and do not teach religion. Our business principles are founded on the principles in the Bible. We draw on those principles in the same way as in “Think and Grow Rich,” “If Caterpillars Can Fly, So Can I,” and many other books.”

Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

All our educational and informational programs and services are aimed at helping you achieve certain results in your life or your business. However, we cannot and do not guarantee any specific outcome or that you will achieve any particular goal. In fact, we are providing our informational programs and services to you as just that: information.

You are solely responsible for what you do with any of the information we provide and any outcomes that result. Furthermore, any testimonials of other students in our programs are no guarantee of your own success but simply provided as examples of what others are doing.

If you are not fully satisfied with any of our products or services, please contact [email protected]. Note, however, we do not accept returns on any of our products or services.

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